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I'm now of Crone age & am happily married to my soulmate, have 2 adult children and 4 beautiful little grandchildren and our "fur baby" 13 yr old English cockerspaniel whom all our family adore. We live on the cliffs by the sea overlooking the ocean. The air here is always full of so much Prana (lifeforce). 
I am a Full Time Witch who practices the "Craft of the Wise" every single day in many different ways. That's when I'm not playing with my wonderful grandkids on the beach or somewhere. 

Nature is my Church! The Beach is my Sacred Space. I love to read tarot for others. I also use other forms of divination. Such as working with spirits, daemons and the angels themselves. As well as working with my Matron Goddess whom has helped me in so many different pathworkings. I also love to write, a lot. Lol Not only blogging. Lol I am a total Bibliophile and have studied all things Occult as well as also experiencing & studying all the worlds major religions and belief systems. 

Everything from all the Abrahamic Faiths to Shamanism in early tribal societies. My greatest influences from the Occult world are the late great Austin Osman Spare, Aleister Crowley, Dion Fortune, Madame Blavatsky & Mathers. Newer Occultists/Mages or Witches are Christopher Penszak, Kostantinos, Sorceress Cagliastro, Lori Bruno, Lady Hecate, Michael Ford, Terrence McKenna, Julian Vayne, Asenath Mason and Phil Hine amongst so many great occult authors over the ages. 

Sorry that I'm no longer doing spellwork or tarot readings for others now as I'm having a hip replacement and need to focus on my recovery. If your interested in reading about my soon to be painful journey to learn to walk again etc? My blog is: https//:journeyhavingahipreplacementatonly54.blogspot.com.au 
This will be my focus from the 25/01/2018 until I'm back to a somewhat normal life. 

Thank you so much for stopping by to read my profile. May you live a totally magickal life! 
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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Samhain, Dark Goddesses with Death Meditations etc. & photos/slideshow

Sorry to all my Witchy friends that is has been so long/ Since I wrote last I am sure you all celebrated Samhain & Yule. I was somewhat preoccupied around Samhain, as I was packing, getting medicine's and passports etc, to get ready for our holiday to Phuket in Thailand.. It was a wonderful holiday and I've never met such genuinely happy people as I have met in Phuket, as they are mostly Buddhists, some hindus and even some muslims. I truly didn't want to come home to south australias freezing winter.

Now back to Witchcraft, I ended up celebrating Samhain one night late. However from what I have learnt in my practice, is often being so "exact" doesn't really matter. As Spirit, The God and the Goddess are far wiser than we are. I meditated for an hour and then drew my circle and called the elements, as you do. I then began chanting for quite some time, to build up the power that I wanted for my ritual. My altar had aready been well set with many photo's of my deceased love ones. The night before on Samhain and enough candles & leaves & fruit for a shop. LOL 

I dreamt of my deceased fiance, the night before and it was a nice dream. During ritual my maternal grandmother came through. She was like a second mother to me. I asked her if my health would hold out for the trip to Phuket? As those who know me are aware, I have very poor health at times. She told me "yes, it woould be the best holiday that I have ever experienced so far". She told me that she had my grandfather with her and that they were very happy together there. She was right as it was the only holiday that I have tried in years where I didn't become ill. So she was right as usual. People in spirit usually are.

I then called upon Isis and she came through along with Hecate, Cerridwen and The Morrigan. You may sense a pattern here. These Goddesses are usually known as the Dark Goddesses. Yet what a lot of "fluffy bunny" wiccans don't realise, that to have light, you must have its polar opposite darkness too. I think that the Dark Goddesses are naturally attracted to me, as I have always been a "night" person since I was 2 years old, according to my mother. Anyway they guided me in my ritual and spell for my holiday "health" and told me to trust in them and that everything would be fine.

I also did a small spell involving a sigil that I made, for what I wanted, a candle, my couldron, piece of paper and a candle. After my incantation and dedication, Hecate came through to me again. I could see her so clearly. Just like last time. I really think I need to change my patron Goddess and I have now. I bought some skulls that I placed on my alter and did a very deep buddhist type meditation that I changed a bit for Smahian on Mortality. 

It was deeply touching, but also disturbing, as I contemplated my own demise. My own mortality and the fact that our bodies are just temporary "clothes" that we wear, whilst we are alive on this mortal plane. To do this meditation properly, one must actually go throgh the process of dying. Losing control of one's body little by little, the losing one's sense, usually the hearing goes first and touch last. Then coming to an acceptance that we are no longer alive and just spirit. I found it deeply moving and would recommend this only to someone who is secure enough in their own spirituality and belifs, This is not a meditation for wimps! What I did was very similar to what is written in the "Tibetan book. Of Living and Dying". However I rewrote it myself in my Book of Shadows for Samhain.

Afterwards I chanted some more and sang with some of my favourite witchy music my Inkubus Sukkubus. Then I had libations of Mead and shortbread biscuits. I then gave thanks to my ancestors and deceased fiance for joining me and especially to The Dark Goddess Hecate, and to the God and to Spirit. Thanked the old ones and the elements and closed my circle.

I had such a peaceful feeling afterwards, that I slept so deeply. That it was the best sleep I had, had for months. In a dream that night, I saw myself in my bedroom with Hecate sitting next to me watching me sleep peacefully. It was truly beautiful!

Then we went on our trip and it was fantastic.  Unfortunately only after being home for nearly a week, my husband became very ill. Obviously I have been looking after him. So for the first time I missed the Sabbat of Yule. I just did not have the motivation, energy or enough spirit power in me to do it. I was too busy tending to my husband. Later on I made offerings, about a fortnight later. Then I started a seven day spell for health for my husband. I spent at least 2 hours meditating and putting my intent into it. The Drs at the time were not optimistic about a quick recovery.

All as I can say is Wow!!! A few days later he was alot better. Needless to say he is getting better and better every day. So believe me witchcraft does work. As long as you really put your heart and soul into it and don't just say the words, as some sadly do. With not very good results. I'm not a witch who does spells "half heartedly". I put my entire being, physically, psychologically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually into it. I do not do spells often for "trivial reasons". As I believe that we should not ask for things out of greed or just because we want the latest Ipad. For an example. Spirit has never let me down.  As long as I only do spells for altrusistic or my family's health and/or desperate circumstances. 

I also believe in the Wiccan Rede x 3, and would never hex, curse or practice black Magick on anyone. No matter what the reason. The Dark Goddesses are wonderful and powerful. However if one dares to look use them for the wrong reasons, their vengeance will be full of wrath. So please don't ever be tempted......as after all we are all human. I was once, but thankfully and with wisdom decided against it.

I have much more to publish as I had a "life changing experience" yesterday. That my mind is still trying to process. As its defintely not something that happens everyday, to anyone. I will write again alot sooner this time. I promise!! As going away and my husband's illness kept me offline for most of the time.

I have added a few Dark photos below to give you all an idea of my slideshow on Picasa, Which unfortunately I cant import to Blogger. Its on public view so you just have to click on the link above. So here is a preview, if you are interested. I also must mention that I have also been working with "Azrael, the Angel of Death". That's why there are a few pics of him too. He is incredibly powerful and to be honest, after yesterday. I am so glad I have been.

Please leave your comments below? As it means alot to me to know, what others think out there? Also let me know if you have a Spiritual or Witchy Blog of your own.

Blessed Be.
Azrael, the Angel of Death a real life skeleton in the temple of Leisel Wendell in the USA
A photo I like which combines the female form of the Goddess with the Horned God
Hecate with her cauldron all fired up.
The Southern Hemisphere Wheel of the Year, reminding us of the next Sabbat, Imbolc Aug. 2nd
I like this, because of what it says. There are a few more on my slideshow. Feel free to add any pictures that you desire. Blessings