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Hello Again, 

As you may have guessed from my previous blogs especially as its been quite awhile between blogs its been an incredible year for me in so many ways. Anyway the point is in all that time I've found that Hekate Triformis is a wonderful Goddess to work with in all either with all her three faces and/or her singular forms. I especially love to invoke her in her Chthonic Crone phase as she has taught me that great things can come from truly exploring our "shadow side" as Carl Jung the famous psychoanalyst has always written about. 

The first time I truly invoked Hekate within my ritual her power was almost too much for my human body to take. I felt her within me and it was as if my body was glowing and stinging. I started to feel hotter and hotter and started sweating whilst I was channelling her and I could feel her "mind power" within me. My body was really buzzing as if I'd taken something as it takes awhile to get used to her powerful and ancient energies within our human form. 

After awhile I felt quite faint and then I started to feel like I was going to black out any second. I did feel fear but she told me not to be frightened and to put my mind back into the alpha state and if I could right down into "theta".Then my entire body felt like it was full of adrenalin and I kept on feeling like little shots of electricity throughout the extremities of my body. Then I felt so nauseous and then I fell back onto the one and only chair (luckily) that I keep in my Ritual Room. I did black out for maybe only a few seconds. Hekate then kept on communicating within me to rest and that my mind and soul are far more powerful than my imperfect mortal human body can ever be. 

This is certainly true for me, lol, as I have a number of incurable chronic pain conditions. But Hekate made sure that I was able to complete my magickal working that was incredibly important as it was for someone incredibly close and dear to me whom I love and no it wasn't my husband. Anyway after sitting on the chair and resting for a few minutes somehow Hekate had enabled my body to cope with her immense power so that I could get up and complete my ritual which had to be done that particular night. After all that I got up and felt energised with Hekate's energy it was incredible as all mine had gone. 
One of my Hekate statues & I love this modern interpretation of her
Hekate then guided me back into my ritual and spellcraft. My magickal working also involved a lot of ecstatic and rhythmic movement. Through Hekate I was able to open a portal to the astral realms so that I could properly help my loved one. I was there out in the astral for quite a long time even though it seemed like only a few minutes. After I had finished my entire ritual I couldn't believe that it was 3.15am. Where that time went I truly don't know accept to say that I think that time over there is far different than it is here which reminded me of my near death experience.  

That night Hekate also communicated with me many things most of which are too personal for me to share. I can say that she told me how to get a certain magickal project that I had been working on for some time to manifest and after taking all her advice it finally "manifested" for me and everything fell into place. Just like sorting out a deck of cards suit by suit. Hekate certainly holds the "keys" to our psyche and she certainly guided me that night not only by testing me to a degree but she also rewarded me with knowledge and success in two very different but very important magickal workings.

I know it can be really hard work and at times truly and deeply painful to truly explore our own deepest darkest fears that lurk deep within our psyche beneath our "public persona". However I've found like many before me and I'm sure so many after me that it's not until we all face our own "inner demons or daemons" as some like to say, that we are truly free. 

To be free of things that can hold us back either in our everyday mundane or magickal life makes it even more wonderful to finally come through "The dark night of the soul". I feel so totally empowered and not afraid anymore of so many things that I used to be. I truly love Hekate and I've been a Devotee of hers for about two and a half years now. I do devotions to her everyday and sometimes twice a day. 

I've also bought another statue of her this time showing her in her Triformis form as a way of thanking her. As well as changing my altar to make it far more Reconstructionist Hekatean style rather than Wiccan style. I haven't ever had a representation of the God and I don't feel that I need to after 2000 years of Patriarchy ever since Emperor Constantine made Christianity the "state religion of the Roman Empire". However I have thought of getting a statue of either Apollo, Hermes or Lucifer as in many writing these three are linked with Hekate also as well as some others too. 

Anyway I've digressed from what I was writing and I would have to write a book to explain all the reasons these three and other's from the Greek and Roman Pantheon are linked to Hekate. But if you want to know more there are some excellent resourceful books available about Hekate if you want to know more? Any books by Sorita D'Este and David Rankine are a really good way to start really understanding Hekate and all their books are very well researched and documented. 

Now back to explaining about her form known as Hekate Phosphorus as she illuminates the darkness for us to see the way through. Then when we've finally found our way through she is incredibly generous with her rewards. Which for me has been getting over a dreadful phobia and a number of tragedies in my life. I hardly get any nightmares anymore either but when occasionally I do, she is there. She steps in to find me even in the scariest of landscapes and leads me through with her torches and her Incredible dogs out to freedom and at times true gnosis is possible through her. As I finally get to understand what my strengths truly are. 

Then when I reach "Gnosis" I can then join with the one, the All, The Cosmic Soul, Divine Spirit, Earth Mother, Universal Consciousness, the One that is God and Goddess combined in polarity yet duality in perfect simplicity, synchronicity and design. Whatever you like to call him, her, it, them it's an incredible being! So like many before me I've found the pathway to The World Cosmic Soul and when I do occasionally really get to that level it is pure bliss, love, compassion, beauty just everything as words can't ever do her, him. them or it justice. I could remain there forever in bliss without any worries but of course nobody can stay there forever. Well not while their alive anyway. lol

 They were always there but after years of indoctrination via the education system, religion and societal norms most of us quite often lose touch with who we truly are by the time we reach adulthood. By then we've usually been molded by our parents, teachers, priests or pastors along with our corrupt politicians in our increasingly materialistic society. We are people with incredibly beautiful and powerful souls that are meant to be free and not entrapped and enslaved by what other's say and tell us what's right.

I don't think I can ever thank Hekate enough in all her forms but especially the incredibly compassionate, loyal and loving form known as Hekate Soteria. She is the world cosmic soul, enough for opening my eyes not only to my own inner depths within my psyche as well as standing up for what I believe in no matter what the consequences. 

However I've found with the guidance of one of the most ancient archetypes of the Goddess has lasted through so many cultures from ancient Sumeria, ancient Egypt as some scholars believe that she really is Isis as well. That they are in fact one and the same. No wonder Isis was and is still known as the Goddess of 1000 names. Then Hekate was revered totally in ancient Greece and then Ancient Rome and her "cult' one could say has always been a part of nearly every culture in one form or another.

So there you have it. I am a devotee of Hekate and this is yet another experience that has changed my perceptions of reality right down to the core of my bones. I've also found that I am "clairsentient" as well as I sense disincarnate spirits when they are around and I feel their feelings. I've occasionally seen spirits and other paranormal phenomena in my life. Like this year I helped a soul from the late 1900's back to the light after much kinetic and activity too. My mind is full of so many things to write about but I know that I can't right now. However I will write about that and many other experiences in other blog posts as its nearly 4am here and I have to be up relatively early tomorrow

I will be blogging regularly now and I'm aiming for one blog a week. That's my goal to discipline myself to do so for Hekate and myself. 

Also Happy Yule to those of you in the Northern Hemisphere and Happy Litha for those of you living in the Southern Hemisphere like me. As well as enjoying Xmas with your families and it's when we show tolerance and acceptance of other's religious beliefs and pathways, then it helps other's realise that Witches, Pagan's, Mages and Occultists don't have two heads and that deep inside we are all from the same family........the human family! Also when we're cut we all bleed the same colour - red!
Seasons Greetings to you all.

Blessed Be.


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