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The Darkness of the Night is Eternal

A self portrayal of introspection and longing. Longing for a world where those who see beauty in the dark things are not considered strange. I see beauty in most things that are of the night.
As without darkness and shadows,
how can one experience the light?I embrace my shadow side and until "you do",
Some things can haunt you until you face your inner demons or "daemons" in either a psychological or magickal process. When it is done maybe then if your mostly light inclined,
Then you will be able to be at peace in the darkness.
Instead of fearing it and see the goodness hiding within it.Believe me there is such exquisite beauty in the night. Not only the moon but the sensitive melancholy that temporarily is our part of the world whilst we experience the night!Look to the tears "dew drops" on a blood red rose.
Then look to the blood on your own small finger.
Is the drop of blood not as heart rending as the dew drop on the rose?
Yes it is. It is more so.…