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I'm now of Crone age & am happily married to my soulmate, have 2 adult children and 4 beautiful little grandchildren and our "fur baby" 13 yr old English cockerspaniel whom all our family adore. We live on the cliffs by the sea overlooking the ocean. The air here is always full of so much Prana (lifeforce). 
I am a Full Time Witch who practices the "Craft of the Wise" every single day in many different ways. That's when I'm not playing with my wonderful grandkids on the beach or somewhere. 

Nature is my Church! The Beach is my Sacred Space. I love to read tarot for others. I also use other forms of divination. Such as working with spirits, daemons and the angels themselves. As well as working with my Matron Goddess whom has helped me in so many different pathworkings. I also love to write, a lot. Lol Not only blogging. Lol I am a total Bibliophile and have studied all things Occult as well as also experiencing & studying all the worlds major religions and belief systems. 

Everything from all the Abrahamic Faiths to Shamanism in early tribal societies. My greatest influences from the Occult world are the late great Austin Osman Spare, Aleister Crowley, Dion Fortune, Madame Blavatsky & Mathers. Newer Occultists/Mages or Witches are Christopher Penszak, Kostantinos, Sorceress Cagliastro, Lori Bruno, Lady Hecate, Michael Ford, Terrence McKenna, Julian Vayne, Asenath Mason and Phil Hine amongst so many great occult authors over the ages. 

Sorry that I'm no longer doing spellwork or tarot readings for others now as I'm having a hip replacement and need to focus on my recovery. If your interested in reading about my soon to be painful journey to learn to walk again etc? My blog is: https//:journeyhavingahipreplacementatonly54.blogspot.com.au 
This will be my focus from the 25/01/2018 until I'm back to a somewhat normal life. 

Thank you so much for stopping by to read my profile. May you live a totally magickal life! 
Blessed Be & Namaste,
Cazangelcat *Bohemian Wytch*⭐️❤️🌙

Sunday, July 10, 2016



Last year when someone whom is intensely close to me family wise was literally dying…..I was told that he only had 48 hours to live. He had been terribly ill for nearly 2 months but I refused to give up. Should I have gone to the hospital to say Goodbye? No….I chose to stay home and create what others saw as a miracle!
I worked myself into a frenzy nearly every single night within that time frame leading up to what we were told was going to be the last night of his life. However it doesn’t matter really what I used or what I said. What is important is to know that my ancestors were with me all the way…..as well as The One That Is All…that is many….yet goes by so many different names. I am not religious at all…….however I am a Spiritualist…..A Witch & Occultist…..and so many things besides.
I’ve always known that I was “different”. Especially  when I saw my first Ghost in our local church’s graveyard at night after Choir practice when I was only 10 years old. Because of my “religious upbringing and brainwashing” as a child…..I’ve had to “deconstruct” all of my fears that stem from Religion & Christianity that has haunted me since I was only a child. Overcoming those fears….then studying as well as practicing so many different religions, cultures and various spiritual pathways over the last 25-30 years…..has made me whom I am today. I find it hard to explain to others what I am and what I believe and practice. I am a Witch (not Wiccan) & Occultist is the closest terms I can find to define me…..but of course there is so much more to my beliefs…..there really is no well known world label to define me…..I am just me Caz.
"Blood Sorcery isn it for the faint hearted....but it actually works"~The Sorceress Cagliastro 09
“Blood Sorcery isn it for the faint hearted….but it actually works”~The Sorceress Cagliastro 09
Anyway back to literally “Life and Death”. Even after I was told that (to protect my loved one’s identity, in this blog/article I refer to him as he, him or his). We were told that his organs were really starting to shut down completely and there was nothing more the Doctors at the hospital could do for him anymore. He wasn’t expected to live for more than 48 hours at the maximum. I was shattered to hear this news. However instead of running over to the hospital……to say Goodbye….I decided to continue with my magickal healing work for him…..to get better & live…..but that night I decided to take a deep and fearful step into the unknown. However I did something that most magickal practitioners of any kind would never dare to do….but being me……I decided to do it anyway. Why? Because I love this man so very much (no it’s not my husband), I decided to sacrifice something far more precious than the rarest Crystal, incense or herb etcetera ad infinitum in the entire world.
That very night I literally sacrificed part of myself…….the very essence of what it means to be human…..I did so for my love of “him” from that night’s sunset to sunrise with such an intensity and an energy…….that I knew was not my own. It was truly not of this world……why? Because it was The Divine Consciousness, Intelligence, Knowing and Compassion for all that is far beyond our mere mortal understanding. I’m sure that you know whom/what/she/it….I am writing about now…..it’s beyond any mere human belief system that is for sure.
Ritual first, then continuation of my spell crafting, trance work, ecstatic dancing, spirit possession from one of my very wisest ancestors whom is full of wisdom and he told me what I really had to do, even though I was actually afraid to do so at the time. I must admit that I had heard of it….knew of it…and I had read various ideas surrounding this particular practice from certain occult tomes….that even many Occult practitioners themselves don’t understand…..I can’t detail it here for many reasons as for some it wouldn’t be safe for me to do so via this blog. But I shall come back to this at the end.
A Mortality Spell or Working is not for the faint hearted. Not only do you really need to be willing to sacrifice part of your own life…… and to really understand what that truly means? By that I’m actually saying part of your own lifespan from this particular lifetime/incarnation.
What I did was actually make a pact……….using my own blood in sacred ways and amounts which I cannot express here….! Sincerely I wish that I could…….but to do so would be incredibly naive and irresponsible of me to do so. As obviously I don’t want to be responsible for anyone doing anything like this……as its so very easy to get wrong…..then a person may have regrets……and as far as I know it can’t ever be undone. Thank goodness I actually got it right!
So if a person changes their mind? Because once you’ve done this particular ritual using not only your own sacred elixir (your own blood) but part of your own actual lifespan……that you’ve actually agreed upon….it’s already actually gone from you…..before it is gifted to your dying loved one. Whatever amount of time (days, weeks, months or years) that you’ve agreed upon to be taken from your life….which you’ve then agreed to gift to your dying loved one is permanent……it cannot be undone! This is so important to note…….I cannot express this enough! There is no going back and changing your mind. When it is done it is done forever.
Now what I’ve done…..I did with sacred guidance…..I’ve done it for “him” to live a fair bit longer now…….I know that I can probably never do this again, not in this lifetime…..because if I do? I could end up with a much shorter lifespan in this incarnation indeed. Some may say that I should never have done it…….but I did and I don’t regret it whatsoever. I don’t want to live to 95-100 in some Nursing Home….no way……So because of this “gnosis” (divine knowing)…..I didn’t hesitate to do this for “him”…….because I love him so much…..and it was too young for him to die.
I can’t describe what I actually did here in extreme details on this blog because as most Witches & Mages etc would know that the Witches Pyramid taken from Hermetics is:
When a Godform, Spirit or any disincarnate entity enters your body it can be a completely different experience than what most people read about…..or see on TV with so called psychic mediums…….it’s a totally “visceral” experience. It can take you by complete & utter surprise. However once you make a blood mortality pact….with a Spiritual Being……it can totally overwhelm you……to the point of becoming almost unconscious……but not quite. Seriously towards the sunrise of the following morning……I honestly felt like I may have been done for…..I thought that I may not have as much time left as I had thought? It was an incredibly humbling……at times frightening…..and yet an incredibly exciting experience! Because I knew from how I was feeling that it was going to work….I just knew it would…..and it did!
Now depending on your own magickal practice and understanding thereof……it can be incredibly frightening for anyone…..no matter how “experienced” you think that you may be……we’re dealing with “mortality” here…….and that is not to be taken lightly……but very seriously. I felt afterwards that the agreed upon time, afterwards may have been that night…….there and then…..for “me to die” that is…….But thankfully it wasn’t…..however it was the Incredible Being……….that is neither male nor female……it just is and always has been…….it’s what even Scientists to this day can’t explain which was there before “The Big Bang’. They call it the “God Particle”……after scientists re-enacted The Big Bang with the Swiss Hedroncollider. Sorry if my spelling is wrong here….but you can always Google it if your really interested…..but most people have heard of this universal experiment.
Then that morning in one of the Biggest Hospitals within Australia……The Drs went in to examine “him”……expecting him to be just about to take his last gasp…and then die. But Wow…….they were they all in for a huge surprise that day. His main Specialist Dr. examined him…..then checked all his neurobs….heart rate, bodily functions, blood pressure, his awareness and cognition etc…….then when his Dr. really examined him…….in excruciating detail……the Dr. himself truly couldn’t believe it…..because suddenly he was healing…..instead of dying…..Whereas only hours before he was right by Death’s Door.
Obviously I can’t go into details of his dreadful illness……but it’s known as one of the deadliest fatal diseases that eats away the skin, fat, muscles and then right down to the bones…..then all the organs shutdown……and then it’s all over…..for everyone that has ever had this disease…..ever! However that was not to be….for my dear one. He literally escaped death and he has since told me that he was in his words “really preparing to die that night”. Then during the early hours he thought of me……for whatever reason/s……that’s what he told me afterwards…….that he realised that he wasn’t going to die that night or day after all ……then suddenly he realised somehow that he was going to survive this…..what 99.99% of people never ever can do. I’m quite sure that “his case” has been written up in Australian Medical Journals…..because nobody has ever survived this with no after affects or damage left whatsoever!
Then after the first Dr. had examined him and thought it was a total “miracle”……yeah right……lol…..then his treating  Dr. went running down the corridor to tell all the other Specialist Drs & nurses on duty…….yelling “It’s a miracle, it’s a miracle”……..and I thought all Drs. we’re Atheists…lol…..Anyhow my loved one became the celebrity of the entire hospital….as they all wanted to examine him one by one…..and of course medical science couldn’t explain his incredibly fast tracked healing. Whilst his main Dr. kept declaring it a miracle! Maybe he was a Catholic……who knows? Then my loved one declared;……”No I told you that my “…..” is a Witch. I knew she would heal me and she has…..you see Dr. So & So….That’s why I’m going to get better and walk out of here very soon. “Oh no”…..his Dr. said…”it’s  way too soon to even think about that Mr. ……..”.
Just over a week later he went home and was recovered enough to walk properly……..No amputations……..no ill affects whatsoever. That’s when even the Drs, themselves had no rational explanation……..Until one of them said, “maybe there is something to this Witchcraft stuff that we have yet to understand”? Which is a huge thing coming from a Dr. As most Drs. are mostly always atheists. As you can well imagine I was so overwhelmed……so incredibly happy that my mere words can’t express my joy……..at this news at the time! That’s when I really realised that all the studying, trial and error and years of practice had been more than worth it…..to save “his life” that meant so much to me…..and he always will. All our Family members were elated……close members understood…….but when “he” told more distant family members they were either “skeptical or spooked”……at hearing the word “Witch & Life saving” all in the same sentence. People quite morgen don’t want to believe…….even when the “evidence” is right before their eyes……either because of religion or because of Society’s prejudice…….in general against anything that it not mainstream…….which the masses just can’t understand.
Before this momentous event for our family, I had only ever used my Magick for far smaller things…….however I knew they worked. The biggest before this event for me personally…….was after years and years of various incurable chronic pain conditions…..I used a certain “entheogen” which is written about in detail in my previous blog post…..along with Witchcraft to change my entire life….and it all really has. Which I might add I use very, very sparingly now. That’s because my own healing rituals are now bearing fruit. I have the same medical conditions……however I know that I’m healing from the inside out. When anybody sees me…..whom hasn’t seen me for a year or so…..they always say….”I can’t believe it….your like the old “you” again”. Meaning the old me before I was struck down…….in the peak of my career and life……and almost became completely bedridden,
All as a I can humbly say……..is that Magick has not only changed and saved my life…..but also a very close family member…..and on top of that Magick also made somebody very dear to me’s childbirth go so extremely well….unlike her first birth…..even though she was categorized as “high risk”…..everything went perfectly as the night beforehand…..I just felt somehow a calling from beyond to do a full ritual invoking Hekate whom in her many three multi faceted forms…..has also been known since ancient times to be the “Goddess of Midwifery”. I’m so glad that I did my Magick that night…because the next night “she” had a natural  birth with no complications…..for Mum or Baby…..So a beautiful little soul was brought into the world…..the very next evening after my magickal ritual……despite all the Dr’s concerns. Like beforehand……my family & everyone……thought it was another miracle…..but now those close to me whom I love….no better that’s for sure.
I must admit that I could only ever do a mortality magickal working for someone whom is truly close to me….that I truly love……as it has & will eventually cost me quite a bit some day” & I don’t mean financially, lol, that’s for sure. I’m sure that “you all know” what I mean…..right! Hopefully I still have many, many years ahead of me…..but then again none of us know when it’s our time to leave this life?…..And when we do…..I believe that we all have a time that we are destined to enter this world…..as well as the time that we are meant to exit this world……!
What I’ve tried to describe above is not purely Witchcraft, High Magick, blood ritual, Shamanism etcetera or anything else…..it’s a mixture thereof…..but I can tell you that it works….and only should ever be used if one really needs to……as well as really wanting to…..with every fibre of a person’s being…….also only for somebody they love immensely. For as in every “action…..especially in Magick…….there is a reaction”….and that’s the universal lore/law…..and that’s my story…..and why I did/do so for those I truly love…….more than my own life itself.
One thing I’ve learnt over all these years is that the more I study, practice and keep on learning about all kinds of Magick from so called “sympathetic or low Magick & Ceremonial Magick”, Shamanism, Blood Ritual (self only, never ever harming any animals), Paganism etcetera…….as well as all major world religions from multiple cultures and so many different multiple spiritual pathways……the more I realise I have yet to learn…..for the rest of this incarnation…….which is this life for me.
This mortal life is so very short and most people don’t seem to realise that it’s all over in the “blink of an eye”….in universal terms.
As magickal people I feel it is our duty to help others in need. Even people whom are using different magickal pathways……there can always be more to learn from others……As well as more that “we can teach” them also. No one pathway whether it be Wicca or Witchcraft or Shamanism vs Psychic mediums etc etcetera……in the end it is all up to the individual……you, your knowledge, your skill set…..and most of all your compassion for those whom you truly love.
Obviously I could never do a “Mortality Working” for somebody I don’t even know….as I’m sure you must realise…..we only have so much mortality ourselves. Again I’m sorry that I can’t publish more about it in detail on here. However if you really understand what your getting into? As well as what it truly means? I’m happy to advise you….if your truly genuine etc……but in the end it is all up to you……your practice……your spirits……and most importantly what are you prepared to do……to sacrifice……as well as giving up some of your own mortality for your loved one? Ask yourself these questions……long and hard……over and over…..until you finally reach a decision……no matter what that decision may bring? It’s your life……it’s your practice & Magick…..thus it is your decision to make……and yours alone…….never, ever let anyone try to make you do something that you truly don’t want to do. That is wrong……both magickally, morally and ethically.
Well this is my story from what  I have learnt and experienced…..it’s taken me a lot of time & some harsh life lessons as well….But take it from this “Now Crone” of 52 years of age…….(Grandmother to 4 children)….never be too proud to ask other magickal people for advice? As all of us as magickal practitioners…..no matter what we call ourselves……..Whether you are a High Priest or a Priestess, Mage, Wizard, Shaman, Psychic, Medium, Clairvoyant, Empath or a Buddhist Monk etc? We can all learn from each other…….no matter what our current pathway is at this time in our life….and in the end….does it really matter? We are all learning and “remembering hidden knowledge” from previous lives….as many Witches and Occultists etc like to quote.
Because in the end,……pwe are all one and The One is All….no matter what labels mankind and it/his/her/their cultures and religions put upon the Universal Consciousness which is so far beyond our human minds…..it/he/she/one/they ad infinitum is so far beyond our human understanding. Yet it is there…..eternal…..immortal…..everlasting……and vastly incredible!!! Always there, always listening and always waiting….for us…our family’s….and our own immortal incarnate souls.
Every lifetime for everyone knows sadness and joy….tragedy and sorrow…….work and holidays…….belief systems and/or religion/s whether we outgrow and change them or not…..we all lose people and attend funerals but we also welcome new babies into our family’s with joy……we all laugh and we all cry…….we all feel pain and suffer at some times…….we all feel relief…….and of course in the end we all grow old and weary……then our worn out earth body dies……just like a set of clothes……we leave our body behind us…but then our immortal souls go on forever……we will all live again…….in some way in some form…..somewhere out there…..out there in the Universe…..or as some Quantum Physicists like to say…….the a Multiverse……I personally favour that due to my own Near Death Experience a few years back now……it still has a huge impact upon me…..to this day! But that’s a whole other story for another blog post sometime.
Please let me know what your thoughts are on this controversial subject that I have written about above? Below in the comments section or if you would rather email me to find out more privately? Such as mortality, Magick & Blood rituals etc? As I can’t responsibly publish some things for the safety of some people…that may decide to try things that they truly don’t understand…..nor the consequences thereof. Magick is not a game…..especially this kind of Magick….it can change lives….but in the wrong hands it can break lives too.
I can be reached at: cazcat01@gmail.com If I don’t answer straight away it’s not because I’m not going to. It’s just that some days just like everybody else in this life, I can’t always fit everything into every single day. However I will do my best to reply to you ASAP….because I always do that….especially to those that ask me for help…..and if I can? I will do my best to do so.
Blessings to you all & Thanks for stopping by and reading this blog. There will be more from where this came from that’s for sure.
Love CazWytch the *Aussie Witch & Occultist*
Copyright: C. Lowe 2015

Sunday, May 1, 2016



I WILL ALWAYS MISS YOU *DAVID BOWIE*~RIP THANKYOU FOR BEING YOU! I've adored David Bowie my entire life. I bought my first Bowie album way back when I was only just 14 back in 1977. It was just after his immensely successful album "Diamond Dogs". How I played that album over and over at full blast much to my Father's lifelong hatred of all modern music as he believes that only classical music is real music.
The loss of David Bowie has and still is affecting so many different people all over the world. Especially our Western culture as we don't tend to grieve properly do we. We tend to think that we have to get on with life in a month within losing somebody or people may think we're suffering from depression or something. So when somebody as famous as David Bowie dies the world seems to mourn. Especially those of us whom are of a similar age or midlife it's a big wake up call to ourselves that our mortality is running out. We're all mortal and this life is really so transient yet so special to us all. So from a psychospiritual point of view we are also mourning our lost youth as well. Let's face it aging isn't for the timid or the faint of heart. Why? Because as we age our body is slowly dying. Most people will suffer from age related illnesses that are often painful until the day they die. I've seen it on other's so any times and now it's starting to happen slowly like an ever creeping vine to me. Look at poor Bowie he had a massive heart attack and that's when he would have felt that his time was running out. It often isn't until we personally have a wake up call like an awful diagnosis and/or prognosis or a N.D.E. (Near death experience) that we realise we (the we that our ego projects to the world) will no longer exist one day in the future because death is the ego's worst fear - annihilation. However death comes for us all whether we are poor or rich and famous.  In the end the Angel of Death comes for us all.

I'm still grieving so terribly for David Bowie so much myself. So much that I actually burn a consecrated white candle for him every night along side a beautiful black and white picture facial portrait of him taken in the previous 2 years. I'm lucky that it's autographed too! He still looked so cool and sexy when this photo was taken. Looking at it you would never have guessed that he was getting closer to his transition from this mortal realm where his soul was released from his body from this earthly existence to the other side of the veil. I'm actually going to redo a part of one of my altars. As I need more space to create a "Memento Mori" type altar space just for Bowie.Perhaps using some of my other Bowie memorabilia as well as candles, maybe a few crystals and some old original album covers too.
Also perhaps one of our many Pagan God's that I feel represents him. To me I feel the mischiefious PAN suits him to me. As when I think of PAN I think of forests, music (playing his pan pipes of course), fun, parties, enjoying his sexuality, lust, sex appeal, joking around, wine, freedom and being so irrestible to women & men as well in his much younger years, talented and most of all love.
As well as truly enjoying life to its fullest which Bowie truly did because he was a true chameleon who lived the whole rock & roll lifestyle when he was younger. Thankfully he survived the whole thing as tragically many others did not. Even after his dreadful addiction to Cocaine which often took his mind to the very edge of actual sanity; I've heard him in interviews where he says himself that "I can't remember a lot of that time but that it was truly bad and I knew that I had to change or face insanity or death". Anyway I don't want to write more about that. If you want to know more just Google it and you will find vast amounts of information and YouTube videos.
Then years later he eventually settled down with the love of his life "Iman" and then of course his daughter was born and it was "love at first sight". The photos I've seen that were taken of them together at home not long after her birth are truly beautiful and so touching. As well as his love of his firstborn son whom was originally named "Zowie" whom has grown into a successful man on his own and now has his own lovely family.
For my "Bowie Shrine" as my husband is now starting to call it. LOL I will have flowers and some usual offerings for the dead. Sometimes things like a bit of food like some chocolate etc & drinks that they liked in life. As well as always a glass of water. Why? As some occult pathways from shamans, Palo, Santeria and Traditional Witchcraft & Streghas say that the disincarnate spirits get thirsty too and that sometimes they are truly attracted to the things that they loved in life. I believe and know this to be true. As after all death is our transition to another existence that science does not have the knowledge yet to understand but one day they will.
Some may think that I should put out a cigarette for him and blow it towards his picture as they do in African Traditional Religions like Palo Myombe, some Indian Shamanic traditions and Voodoo/Hoodoo as in New Orleans. As Bowie used to smoke them all the time for most of his life and even though he looked so cool smoking in all his photos, in the end it's not cool, because cigarettes kill far more people than alcohol or drug addiction combined. So somehow that feels wrong to me to put out a cigarette out for him. Why? Because in the end they caused his early demise and he'd given up for years to avoid dying young. Many people believe that he would still be here and would've lived to a far greater age if not for cigarettes and it's true. End of lecture as I've battled the "coffin nails" myself and their not easy to give up and sometimes I still feel like one. Nicotine addiction is evil!

Believe it or not smoking cannabis does you less harm physically but for some mentally it's a problem especially if your under 25 because your brain is still developing. I've written about cannabis before because I need to use it occasionally for my chronic pain. I only need to use it very sparingly now only when I'm home usually and only when none of my other medications work. I always use them first because as an asthmatic I really don't like smoking it as it can sometimes make me cough so much that it can trigger an asthma attack. A friend suggested  using a vape? But I don't want to buy one especially as I'm only using it maybe once a fortnight or even once a month. Last year I even went for just over 2 months. I don't need it as much because I'm taking Lyrica now which is actually developed for Parkinsons Disease. But after many years of research they found that it actually helps some chronic pain patients but not all. They don't exactly know why? It's probably just that we all have individual biochemistry and genetics.

Also thanks to my love of all Bowie's music I often put on one of his albums and sit or lie down. Then I just get into his music so much that I chill out so much just as if I'd had some cannabis but I haven't. My mind goes down into the Theta state quite often when I listen to Bowie. So I just chill out so much as I really get into the lyrics, the melody, the beat, as well as listening to the individual musical instruments and of course David Bowie's wonderful voice. To the point where my brain is so distracted by his music that my brain is no longer registering as much pain. This is because the neurotransmitters in my mind are so busy listening to his music that my body automatically relaxes. As well as the fact that I love his music so much that my mind chills out on its own without drugs. As well as the medical fact that when something makes a person feel happy their brain releases lots of endorphins. Sometimes certain Bowie music almost puts me into a trance it's like being in another world. So it's true music really does heal as well as bringing backmemories with quite good success
However his music has and is truly like the soundtrack of my entire life thus far. Every album he released always seemed to resonate with whatever was happening in my life at the time starting from 1977. Then I went and bought his earlier albums too and have been buying them ever since. Every single song, look and movie he ever did I felt was that his music was especially just for us even though it was truly his own.
His knowledge of the Occult from a young age is very interesting too. Like he sings on "Quicksand" from his brilliant album Hunky Dory where he sings of Aleister Crowley and the Golden Dawn. Then later on his song Station to Station on his album of the same name where he sings of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life when he sings "from Kether to Malkuth" and so much more. It's not surprising  that Bowie got into the Occult with Mick Jagger and Jimmy Page and some notable others like The Beatles especially George Harrison so they say. Jimmy Page was so into the occult that he bought Aleister Crowley's "Boleskine House" on Loch Ness in Scotland. Legend has it that Mick Jagger got so frightened of something occult inspired that he burnt all of his books. However Bowie having such an enquiring and open mind did no such thing. What he actually did or did not occult wise will be the subject of many intense debates to come. It was David Bowie whom inspired me to think of other things that had been previously hidden as well as a spiritual friend at that time. Thus began my study into the world of the "Occult & Witchcraft" and so many other pathways starting with Tibetan Buddhism in the 90s.

Then BLACKSTAR which is his true "MAGNUM OPUS" to us all. It was David Bowie whom inspired me to think of other things that had been previously hidden to us all so many years before. The occult imagery and hidden messages especially in his lyrics and videos of "Blackstar" and "Lazarus" are so incredibly brilliant! They've been analyzed by many thus far and will be interpreted for many years to come. But you know really it was truly David Bowie's last loving gift to us all because he knew that he had to leave us.
Only BOWIE could have achieved all of this whilst he was dying. He was apparently so full of ideas that he even talked of doing another album but sadly his time ran out!
However it seems that Bowie knew that another existence was waiting for him and that he was running out of time. Some say that he knew that he had to leave us at the age of only 69. Far too young for such a man that was not only brilliant and so full of life and also married to the true "love of his life" along with his beautiful young daughter and his wonderful adult son & family too.

I will always remember you & the gifts that you gave to the world. Your voice, music and albums are the true soundtrack of my life both material and spiritual ~ Thank you.
Love CazWytch. 💖💖💖⭐️⭐️⭐️💖💖💖⭐️⭐️⭐️💖💖💖⭐️⭐️⭐️ xoxoxoxox

Thursday, June 4, 2015



***Entheogens, Consciousness and Magick***
I’ve been meaning to write for awhile now about the use of Ethenogens and Magick. Entheogens have been used since the Dawn of time by so many different cultures. Such as the American Indians and their Shamans using peyote and mescaline for their “Vision quests” and Shamanic pathways and so many many other cultures as I shall explain more about below.
Other cultures and I mean so many including ours prefer to use marijuana in all her glory to connect to the universal consciousness so that they can truly connect to the Divine Consciousness much easier. Daytura has been used by many cultures as well but sometimes sadly if taken in too high a dose can either cause blindness and sometimes permanently. Daytura can also even cause death in some people which is tragic. These are the types of entheogens to stay clear of at all costs.
Then there are Magick Mushrooms have been used since the earliest of times also for vision quests and also helps people to connect with the Divine Consciousness as well. Even in the Celtic Lands magic mushrooms grow in abundance and I’m pretty sure that a Druid or two or many more used them to help them connect and practice their “natural Magick”. These plant familiars are where the ideas of fairies, devas, elves and other magickal creatures come from. Somebody way back in the mists of time found these creatures through their own mystic travels and luckily for the rest of us recorded them either with images or writing so that they are now part of our collective consciousness as humans beings.
The Africans have their own entheogenic “plants” (which are too many anThe Buddhad varied to list here), which that are still used by their Witchdoctors to either cure, curse or help those in their tribe. As well as helping their young men when they are forced to survive on their own without their tribe or any shelter or food. Quite often certain ethenogens are given to them so that they can experience as well as endure things that normally they could not out in the African jungle of their own. Then when these young men return after a given time say around a week or so. Their tribe (village) usually has a big ceremony to celebrate them becoming a “man and a warrior” of their tribe. Who are we in the west to say they are wrong.
Also entheogens are quite often given to African women so that they can endure long and dangerous childbirth out in the African bush without any Doctors or nurses. Without using ethenogens as painkillers for these women a lot of them would surely die without any pain relief especially when a labor out in the bush can go for days as there are no modern hospitals or doctors to make their birthing any easier with modern technology. When thinking of entheogens and the use thereof we need to think of them in context to where they are being used and why?
There are also the Indian Mystics and Sages throughout the centuries like today’s “Sadhu’s” for instance that use entheogens most days so they can be transported to another place or plane and experience Godhead in that manner. Usually they tend to use marijuana or hasish everyday if they can. As it is part of their spiritual practice. Now just because most western people don’t “believe in it” doesn’t make it wrong. Most of these Sadhus (Indian Holy Men) usually live on the banks of the Ganges at various locations throughout India at the Cremation sites for most of India’s dead.
As Hindus believe in reincarnation and they believe that cremation releases the soul. The Saddhu’s literally emerge themselves in death. They wear bones as well as covering their bodies and faces in the ashes of the dead in a ritualistic manner. As they have no income they live on either the charity from other’s for giving them blessings and praying for their recently deceased loved one’s soul so that they will have a good incarnation in their next life. The Saddhus live on whatever they can find in the trash a lot and the use of Entheogens apparently helps them get through normal human wants and needs like hunger. Like all Hindus in India they believe in reincarnation so strongly that they live in this way in the hope it will be their last incarnation on this plane.
Our own belief systems are just a product of our society, the religion of our family and our peers. Basically what we were brought up to believe is what’s deemed acceptable or not. So for many people their faith is predetermined by an accident of birth as well as our upbringing and duration or lack thereof. Yet these same people are usually the first to point the finger at anyone else who is different than them. Whom may choose to use an entheogen safely and wisely.
Yet when you think about it alcohol and tobacco are legal and it’s been proven that they both cause far more deaths, violence (alcohol) and illness than marijuana or anything else natural put together ever has. We must all wake up and realise that we are all products of our upbringing and our culture and country of birth “nothing more and nothing less”, (apart from those of us who’ve had a Spiritual awakening), so who are we to judge other cultures in what they use as part of their spiritual practices or as part of their medicinal care”? We are nobody that’s who!
Then of course there is African Voodoo and Haitians Houdou and even in America today such as in New Orleans they quite often practice either Traditional Voodoo and/or Hoodoo or “Houdou”. Hoodoo is a mixture of the religion of Voodoo from the African Diaspora, as well as Voodoo as practiced in Haiti which is then mixed and bastardized with Christianity. As when they were taken as slaves from Africa and Haiti they had to hide from their slave masters what they were actually practising. So that is how Christian Saints like Saint Michael for instance has become part of their practice as well as their traditional “Orishas” and “Loas”. So gradually over the centuries Voodoo and Christianity the most unlikely of bedfellows ended up morphing together and becoming one and they’ve stayed that way right up until today. There are also what are called Rootworkers such as practiced firstly in the Appalachians of the U.S. As well as Palo Mayombe such as practiced in Cuba. However Palo is actually an ATR (African Traditional Religion). I am no expert on this but can refer you to someone whom I know, who really understands it.
Then there is Santeria which is quite well known to many in the U.S. now as well. In Mexico after the Spanish invadors forced the indigenous people of their land to convert to Christianity that is how their own kind of religion was born. Then there is The cult of “Saint Death”, “The White Bony Lady” or “Santa Muerte” etc. She seems to have morphed with the Catholic Faith which of course the Vatican does not accept. However she is getting a bigger and bigger following there every single day. As people struggle with survival, life and death in the only way that they know how. She is widely accepted with many people there especially by the Criminal Underworld where they pray and make offerings to her for protection etc. All the belief systems above all use Entheogens of some kind whether it be cannabis, mescaline and DMT. We can all sit back and be judgemental of their use. However if the Entheogens in Mexico for instance were controlled? Just imagine how much criminal activity would be stopped if they were managed by their Government? Wake up world……..it’s about harm minimization. Surely it would curb the high mortality rate there that is caused by crime.
Then of course there are the Buddhists of many different types from the Zen Buddhists of Japan with their “koans” to the Tibetan Buddhists like the Dalai Lama himself. Whom since the Chinese Occupation of Tibet back in 1959 when the Dalai Lama was smuggled out of Tibet in his youth on the back of a donkey across the mountains to the border at the top of India and thankfully as we all know he got across safely. Then he and many other Buddhist Lama’s, monks and nuns were able to escape the totalitarian regime of the then Chinese Communist Leader Moatze Tung. Even today there is still a price on his head if he even so much steps into Tibet where there are now sadly far more Chinese living there than Tibetans.
Tibetan Buddhism is a beautiful belief system with an incredible philosophy. Especially living for the good of all sentient beings (meaning from fish and animals etc right through to us human beings), which is a tenant of all Buddhists, and if a person can accomplish this in their lifetime they either become a “Bodhisattva” an enlightened one or they can choose to become one with the universe (Nirvana). There is quite a difference between say Mayahana Buddhism compared to Thai Buddhism. Buddhism is a wonderful belief system in general which I studied for three years with a Tibetan Lama. The Dalai Lama’s Residence is in Dharmasala, India where there is now a huge Tibetan Buddhist Temple where many Lamas, Monks, Nuns and laypeople can live in peace and without fear.
There are so many examples I could give from around the world such as the use of Opium by the Chinese which when used responsibly wasn’t too much of a problem for some. Say once a month a Chinese person would smoke it and that was it. But eventually this practice led to Opium Dens especially in the New World (America) where many Chinese people emigrated to start a new and more prosperous life. Opium Dens eventually spread to the western world like wildfire especially France where people in the west would pay very good money just to have a “taste of universal bliss” for a few hours to escape the dreary doldrums of their everyday real lives.
Sadly for some though they became true addicts and sometimes ruined their lives but that was the minority and not the majority as some people would have you believe. But as in all things whether it be opium, alcohol or cannabis moderation is always the key. It doesn’t matter what the entheogen is, “if you abuse it you will lose it”. By this analogy I mean that “you could lose your life” due to addiction which leads to malnutrition and not looking after themselves. It’s not the entheogen itself that will kill you but the lifestyle itself. Being an addict of anything can and quite often does destroy people’s lives as we all know right!
Hookahs and opium use in places such as Afghanistan where opium poppies grow freely in their country is a huge part of their culture. Opium pipes are quite often smoked together for special occasions such as when two different Tribal Leaders meet to discuss things. The opium of course would and could possibly open their eyes to issues and things that in normal consciousness they wouldn’t usually have even thought of. Very similar to the American Indian’s traditional “peace pipes” that they would share with the Leader from another tribe to either negotiate peace and/or make trading deals with each other with things that were unique to their tribe from mats to headdresses etc.’It really seems to be a tradition that is as old as humanity itself. Although. I am not an “anthropologist” the use of ethenegens seems to go back to very early mankind long, long before they could write or record anything about it anywhere in the world.
Opium is also the base for the earliest painkillers used in the west like morphine for pain being the first and the most well known today. Now there are many, many different drugs where opium is the base thereof as well as man made laboratory made versions of drugs that “mimic opium” as well. These are all drugs that we here in the west all rely on every single day whilst thinking nothing of its historical or cultural background or usages in the past.
Most westerners also don’t understand the “sacred use of entheogens” in any way whatsoever. They are natures gift especially “marijuana or cannabis” on its own, which has never ever caused the death of anybody ever. It’s a medical fact that you can’t overdose on cannabis to a fatal level. The worse anyone can do is to have too much and end up stoned for a quite a long period of time compared to the usual 2-4 hours. It’s not the drug itself but the criminal efforts and affects of those who either sell and/or abuse it and their death’s are caused by being part of the Criminal Underworld and getting addicts addicted to harder drugs like Ice or Heroin. It’s not, I repeat not the Cannabis itself.
Sadly most tend to believe and live by either one extreme to another. Either they are totally against it (cannabis) or they are all for it. For example people who like getting stoned and doing absolutely nothing everyday think it is great and use it as an escape from real life just like any other addiction from alcohol to methamphetamines. However there are a few enlightened souls from some “doctors and other professionals” who remain and stay underground as they believe in the good that cannabis can be used for. However because they fear arrest and or being shunned by other not so enlightened and educated people in their own professions. Also chronic pain sufferers and people with terminal illness realise that cannabis actually.”works” when it comes to controlling chronic pain. It truly is one of the best kept secrets from most westerners. It’s the best kept secret which is sadly kept from most who are the most vulnerable in our society such as those in chronic pain as well as the terminally ill.
More enlightened countries such as Canada, The Netherlands and some states in the US like California and Oregon etc. where it is legal for medicinal use only. These are places where they truly have good leaders who actually care about the health and treatment of their citizens rather than worrying about any stigma attached to its use. How I wish that our government was as enlightened. As all as it does it put law abiding good citizens into the category of criminals. It is truly wrong and is destroying people’s lives. Imagine here in Australia that if you suffered from chronic pain, cancer or any other painful disease that you could just get a script from your Doctor. Then go to the Chemist and get your subscriptions filled just like any other pharmaceutical. Just imagine the money from tax alone that the Government would make? Just imagine how many criminal gangs would no longer exist? How many drug dealers would be out of business? Imagine people growing cannabis legitimately for medicinal use only? It would not only create jobs, stop a lot of crime, help fill the governments coffers, as well as helping to bring our country’s deficit down as well.
How and why you may ask? Because it needs to be legalized for medicinal use for those of us who suffer from some type of chronic pain very single day of our lives. Doctors can’t cure everything and sometimes people just can’t take it anymore. I will also tell you what happens, some of us chronic pain sufferers end up “committing suicide”! As that is the only permanent way for us to get pain relief. Thereby just becoming another statistic that nobody cares about apart from our own family and friends. Pretty darn “permanent solution” to what could easily be a solve able problem. When you really analyse it, it is truly a tragic state of affairs and the average person here in Australia has no idea that these kind of tragedies are happening everyday in our so called “Lucky Country” Australia. These draconian laws don’t make any of us “feel any better” that’s for sure!
Now back to Magick. I personally feel that most people who do “connect” with Divine Consciousness (which some call God, Allah, Jehovah, Shiva, Goddess, The Creator, Buddha and Nirvana, The Word, The One or the White Light etcetera ad infinitum). Could do so far easier by using an entheogen like cannabis in a controlled and non abusive manner and are also far better people for doing so. As entheogens actually open up “neural pathways” in our brains that we as human beings can’t usually access.
However whilst using certain entheogens “responsibly” with emphasis on “responsible usage and dosage” of whatever people use, can quite often see, feel and experience things that normally human beings cannot. I realise that the use of enthogens is quite a controversial topic and it’s definitely not spoken about or studied by scientists and doctors as much as they deserve to be. But believe me that those in the “know” realise that when we experience certain phenomena and understand things about the Universe or should I say “multiverse” that we live in are far more responsible manner in our lives than those who don’t.
I can only really speak for myself although I’ve read and heard about the experiences of others of course that when using an entheogen like “marijuana” as I do at times for my “chronic pain” can sometimes take my soul to a completely different reality. I’m not talking about being totally “stoned” or out of your mind like a teenage stoner would. I am talking about those of us who are mature adults who use it responsibly in much smaller doses in a controlled environment where we don’t drive or use any heavy machinery etcetera and where usually we are home or with family or friends and we don’t do anyone any harm whatsoever.
I have found as a chronic pain sufferer as well as a Witch, spiritualist and occultist that the entheogen “marijuana” can sometimes open up my mind to such incredible possibilities not only about myself but for the whole of humanity! In Magick circles it’s quite often called “being on the astral or Akashic plane” or “another dimension” or being part of the “collective Consciousness” of either humanity or the entire universe just like the Buddhist concept of “Nirvana”. When I have experienced true “connection” with Divine Consciousness and the Creator of everything well before the Big Bang ever happened, I feel such incredible bliss, total knowledge and wisdom as well as the most beautiful unconditional love.
The reason that humans can’t remember all of this afterwards is because our brains don’t have the capacity to understand and then process the data within our own brains to bring back and share our knowledge with others. At times I have remembered some important truths that I’ve been able to share with others but more often than not the wisdom that the “Spirit of the Plant” gives us at the time is usually so difficult and complicated to recall that quite often it’s impossible for us with our limited brain capacity to record. To try and explain what I mean here’s an analogy; “It’s like expecting a dog to be able to read Shakespeare”. This is not possible as a dog’s smaller brain does not have the capacity and neural pathways for it do so. Well basically that’s how it is when we as human beings try and explain what we’ve seen and experienced once the effect of the entheogen wears off.
As a Witch I sometimes have incorporated my use of the one entheogen “marijuana” as part of my magickal rituals and path workings all with much success so far. Quite often it makes it easier for me to “connect” with not only the Creator (Divine Consciousness)as well as other entities from Daemons (not demons), ArchAngels, Spirit Guides, my Power Animals and even the great Goddess Hekate my Matron Goddess. I must add here that I only very occasionally use cannabis for my Magick as those of you who practice “The Craft” would know that there is a time and a place for its use and others where it’s not so useful. I find the entheogen cannabis also very useful for either connecting with the “Elementals” or Elements which are; Earth, Air, Fire and Water. With Spirit being the “Alchemical” Fifth Element which is the hardest to connect with and understand.
However I first experienced the “multiverse” out there as well as going through a wormhole at the speed of light was when I had a Near Death Experience back in 2011 where I was actually dead for around a minute. Yet the time over on the “other side” was more like an hour or more. It was truly a life changing experience not only to me as a person and my soul’s journey but also to other’s who know me as well. If your interested in reading more? Please check one of my blog’s it’s: http://enchantedspiritualawakenings.blogspot.com
Where I have written about my NDE in a lot more detail than I have room for here.
I have also contacted many Goddess’s and God’s with ethenegens but more often without them. By that I mean they are real contacts as the “Archetypes” that they are within the framework of Carl Jung the famous analyst that came after Freud. So I am what they call an “Eclectic Jungian Witch” as I don’t see any Goddess or God as actually being real in any dimension or frame work but they are powerful as they have been part of the “Jungian Collective Unconsciousness of humanity” for hundreds and some for many thousands of years.
When I started to really practice Witchcraft, after years of studying it first before deciding that I truly wanted to be a Witch and to dedicate myself to it and helping others as much as I am able to in this lifetime, I then performed the ritual of Self Dedication as written in “Scott Cunningham’s, Wicca for the Solitary Practitioner” . I chose his because it was and still is for other’s such a beautifully written ritual of dedication and for me it was an incredibly beautiful, breathtaking and spiritual experience.
I performed it Skyclad (naked) just the same as most Coven witches do and it was so intimate and incredibly empowering not only for the human “me as a woman” but even more so for my immortal soul and for that Mr. Cunningham “May You Rest in Peace in the Summerlands! For my Dedication Ritual it wasn’t appropriate for me to use any ethenogen as it wouldn’t have been right to do so as I was only a brand new Witch and it takes years of experience to learn how to use entheogens and magick together.
I didn’t use any entheogen until years later until I had far more experience in Witchcraft. I wouldn’t suggest the use of any entheogens until one has been practicing witchcraft for at least a few years. I’ wasn’t taking anything at all back then but I didn’t need to either as “magick” was truly there surrounding me and then within me.
My use of and decision to use the entheogen cannabis was not made lightly. It only came about from living with chronic pain that was only getting worse for nearly 12 years! I was sadly becoming too desperate and wasn’t coping with my pain at all that I was actually starting to organize being “euthanised” in Zurich. All because I couldn’t take the chronic pain anymore and on some days it was truly like hell, if there was a hell. As well as being “under prescribed” more powerful painkillers as most Drs here are afraid to prescribe medication like morphine for instance because of their fear of our Federal and State Health Commissions. Which leaves many people like me in a dreadful place so in the end I found because of this the decision was made for me. Every chronic pain sufferer that has the misfortune to have to see a new Dr. Whom doesn’t know their medical history at all, is treated like a “drug addict” as soon as they try and tell he Dr. That they aren’t coping with their pain anymore and need some help..Then there ihe never ending merry go round or referrals to new specialists with big gaps to pay to even see them. Many Doctors here like to pass the buck, not make a decision to help someone in chronic pain because they don’t want to sign their name on all the Federal and State paperwork.
It’s wrong that Doctors here fear the Government so much when it comes to treating chronic pain patients. So what happens is that most of us don’t usually get properly treated at all. We are ignored as we are silent minority whom the Government know don’t have the voting power to make any difference to their politics. If more of us banded together? Then maybe, just maybe there is hope for us? Since I first wrote this last year there are now medical trials for cannabis going on in New South Wales and Queensland. I sincerely hope that the powers that be here see that proper pain relief changes a chronic pain patients entire quality of life. I truly does! Unless you have suffered yourself with chronic pain with any condition that can’t be currently helped by medical science with no proper relief ever? You really can’t know what it’s like to live like a shadow because of severe pain! So don’t judge because I know that if anyone here treated any animal like chronic pain patients are treated, they would be up on charges and in court in no time. Why not the same consideration for those people who suffer from chronic pain every single day of their lives? I used to sleep as much as I could. Not only because pain is so fatiguing but being asleep was the only time I wasn’t suffering from pain. The impact it’s had on my family I can’t begin to explain to you apart from saying that it’s been so unfair and upsetting for all of them.
Believe it or not? The use of the entheogen cannabis was originally suggested to me by an old Doctor as he knew how desperate I was and how my life was detiorating badly at the time. So in the end I started to use it because of my chronic pain sometime back in 2012 on a semi-irregular but sometimes more as needed on a regular basis. It’s kept me alive and has given me some much needed and valued quality of life at last. Most of you would have no idea what it’s been like for me to actually start to “live again”. To do what others take for granted every single day. Just having a shower use to be such a painful ordeal but with the responsible use of the enthonegen cannabis, I am able to do so now without suffering for it, I am at risk just by blogging about this now. However I am a responsible adult who used to irk for the a government myself. I’ve always been a law abiding citizen and I still am. Remember all of this please people before you judge. Think, write to your local MP about it. Help to give so many that are suffering whom are just so worn down by pain that they’ve given up all hope of ever really living again. That was me up until recent times and it should never have been allowe to happen. I also resent the fact that because of our laws here that a I basically lost most of my life for the last 12 years. If not for the Internet, family and those whom stood by me…….I wouldn’t be here at all.
Now back to magick I have seen and felt the energy of the archetypes of quite a few of the more well known Goddesses and some not so well known. I do find the use of an ethenogen helpful for me to “connect with their energies” which helps me to not only understand them but more importantly my own inner landscape within my own psyche.
Firstly it was Isis the Goddess of 1000 names then Aprhodite (Love Goddess), Cerridwen (Crone Goddes), Sekhmet (Lion Goddess), Bast or Bastet (Cat Goddess), Freyer (Norse), Kali Ma (Indian Goddess), Astarte (Early Sumerian and others), Diana (Greek and Roman Goddess), Lilith (Early Sumerian Goddess & in some writings known as the 1st wife of Adam who became a Demon Goddess), Gaia (Earth Goddess). As well as the two horned Gods Cernunnos (Celtic) and Pan (Greek and Roman). As well as Baphomet the hermaphrodite God and Goddess who’s polarity is a paradox to many. However with the use of my ethenogen I have been able to connect and understand Baphomet in a way that I never could before.
I could go on and on about the positive and responsible use of the ethenogen “cannabis”. It can change lives for the better like it has mine. I will mention too that I only take very small amounts of it. Usually only one cone but occasionally I need to use two cones to cover my pain when it’s very severe. That’s all I need for one day and it’s not alway every day as finally the Government have put Lyrica on the PBS. Lyrica can help some chronic pain patients but not all of them as it depends on their type of pain problem and also their individual genetic makeup. I find it so tragic that so many people think that cannabis is soo bad for everyone when it is less addictive and far less harmful than alcohol or cigarettes. Yet that are legal, go figure? I believe in harm minimalisation and that those if us with chronic pain especially should be able to use it when needed for medicinal reasons. Sadly the war against prohibition is far, far from over.
Of course the best thing of all would be to Decriminalize Cannabis thus taking criminals out of the equation. Therefore the Government would have control of it, who buys it and just like drinking and driving it would be unacceptable for anyone to drive when they have just use it. Look how “Prohibition worked on alcohol in the 20s”? Didn’t work to well did it? That’s when all the criminal gangsters started out and it caused more problems than good. Thus alcohol is legal but as adults it is our responsibility to use it wisely and not “abuse it”.
i know that I’ve rambled on a bit. However I hope that you can understand that this is a subject that I am passionate about because my very life depends on it!
Copyright: C. Lowe 2015

Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Darkness of the Night is Eternal

A self portrayal of introspection and longing.

Longing for a world where those who see beauty in the dark things are not considered strange.

I see beauty in most things that are of the night.
As without darkness and shadows,
how can one experience the light?

I embrace my shadow side and until "you do",
Some things can haunt you until you face your inner demons or "daemons" in either a psychological or magickal process.

When it is done maybe then if your mostly light inclined,
Then you will be able to be at peace in the darkness.
Instead of fearing it and see the goodness hiding within it.

Believe me there is such exquisite beauty in the night. Not only the moon but the sensitive melancholy that temporarily is our part of the world whilst we experience the night!

Look to the tears "dew drops" on a blood red rose.
Then look to the blood on your own small finger.
Is the drop of blood not as heart rending as the dew drop on the rose?
Yes it is. It is more so......

Dark beauty is eternal beauty.
Look within your psyche deeply and only then shall you find the truth!

The final truth that sets all our souls free...one day....we have to accept death's final kiss.
As it will be our ever final mortal embrace.

Memento Mori.......

Dark Blessings to you,

CazWytch 🌟⭐🌟

Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Hello Again, 

As you may have guessed from my previous blogs especially as its been quite awhile between blogs its been an incredible year for me in so many ways. Anyway the point is in all that time I've found that Hekate Triformis is a wonderful Goddess to work with in all either with all her three faces and/or her singular forms. I especially love to invoke her in her Chthonic Crone phase as she has taught me that great things can come from truly exploring our "shadow side" as Carl Jung the famous psychoanalyst has always written about. 

The first time I truly invoked Hekate within my ritual her power was almost too much for my human body to take. I felt her within me and it was as if my body was glowing and stinging. I started to feel hotter and hotter and started sweating whilst I was channelling her and I could feel her "mind power" within me. My body was really buzzing as if I'd taken something as it takes awhile to get used to her powerful and ancient energies within our human form. 

After awhile I felt quite faint and then I started to feel like I was going to black out any second. I did feel fear but she told me not to be frightened and to put my mind back into the alpha state and if I could right down into "theta".Then my entire body felt like it was full of adrenalin and I kept on feeling like little shots of electricity throughout the extremities of my body. Then I felt so nauseous and then I fell back onto the one and only chair (luckily) that I keep in my Ritual Room. I did black out for maybe only a few seconds. Hekate then kept on communicating within me to rest and that my mind and soul are far more powerful than my imperfect mortal human body can ever be. 

This is certainly true for me, lol, as I have a number of incurable chronic pain conditions. But Hekate made sure that I was able to complete my magickal working that was incredibly important as it was for someone incredibly close and dear to me whom I love and no it wasn't my husband. Anyway after sitting on the chair and resting for a few minutes somehow Hekate had enabled my body to cope with her immense power so that I could get up and complete my ritual which had to be done that particular night. After all that I got up and felt energised with Hekate's energy it was incredible as all mine had gone. 
One of my Hekate statues & I love this modern interpretation of her
Hekate then guided me back into my ritual and spellcraft. My magickal working also involved a lot of ecstatic and rhythmic movement. Through Hekate I was able to open a portal to the astral realms so that I could properly help my loved one. I was there out in the astral for quite a long time even though it seemed like only a few minutes. After I had finished my entire ritual I couldn't believe that it was 3.15am. Where that time went I truly don't know accept to say that I think that time over there is far different than it is here which reminded me of my near death experience.  

That night Hekate also communicated with me many things most of which are too personal for me to share. I can say that she told me how to get a certain magickal project that I had been working on for some time to manifest and after taking all her advice it finally "manifested" for me and everything fell into place. Just like sorting out a deck of cards suit by suit. Hekate certainly holds the "keys" to our psyche and she certainly guided me that night not only by testing me to a degree but she also rewarded me with knowledge and success in two very different but very important magickal workings.

I know it can be really hard work and at times truly and deeply painful to truly explore our own deepest darkest fears that lurk deep within our psyche beneath our "public persona". However I've found like many before me and I'm sure so many after me that it's not until we all face our own "inner demons or daemons" as some like to say, that we are truly free. 

To be free of things that can hold us back either in our everyday mundane or magickal life makes it even more wonderful to finally come through "The dark night of the soul". I feel so totally empowered and not afraid anymore of so many things that I used to be. I truly love Hekate and I've been a Devotee of hers for about two and a half years now. I do devotions to her everyday and sometimes twice a day. 

I've also bought another statue of her this time showing her in her Triformis form as a way of thanking her. As well as changing my altar to make it far more Reconstructionist Hekatean style rather than Wiccan style. I haven't ever had a representation of the God and I don't feel that I need to after 2000 years of Patriarchy ever since Emperor Constantine made Christianity the "state religion of the Roman Empire". However I have thought of getting a statue of either Apollo, Hermes or Lucifer as in many writing these three are linked with Hekate also as well as some others too. 

Anyway I've digressed from what I was writing and I would have to write a book to explain all the reasons these three and other's from the Greek and Roman Pantheon are linked to Hekate. But if you want to know more there are some excellent resourceful books available about Hekate if you want to know more? Any books by Sorita D'Este and David Rankine are a really good way to start really understanding Hekate and all their books are very well researched and documented. 

Now back to explaining about her form known as Hekate Phosphorus as she illuminates the darkness for us to see the way through. Then when we've finally found our way through she is incredibly generous with her rewards. Which for me has been getting over a dreadful phobia and a number of tragedies in my life. I hardly get any nightmares anymore either but when occasionally I do, she is there. She steps in to find me even in the scariest of landscapes and leads me through with her torches and her Incredible dogs out to freedom and at times true gnosis is possible through her. As I finally get to understand what my strengths truly are. 

Then when I reach "Gnosis" I can then join with the one, the All, The Cosmic Soul, Divine Spirit, Earth Mother, Universal Consciousness, the One that is God and Goddess combined in polarity yet duality in perfect simplicity, synchronicity and design. Whatever you like to call him, her, it, them it's an incredible being! So like many before me I've found the pathway to The World Cosmic Soul and when I do occasionally really get to that level it is pure bliss, love, compassion, beauty just everything as words can't ever do her, him. them or it justice. I could remain there forever in bliss without any worries but of course nobody can stay there forever. Well not while their alive anyway. lol

 They were always there but after years of indoctrination via the education system, religion and societal norms most of us quite often lose touch with who we truly are by the time we reach adulthood. By then we've usually been molded by our parents, teachers, priests or pastors along with our corrupt politicians in our increasingly materialistic society. We are people with incredibly beautiful and powerful souls that are meant to be free and not entrapped and enslaved by what other's say and tell us what's right.

I don't think I can ever thank Hekate enough in all her forms but especially the incredibly compassionate, loyal and loving form known as Hekate Soteria. She is the world cosmic soul, enough for opening my eyes not only to my own inner depths within my psyche as well as standing up for what I believe in no matter what the consequences. 

However I've found with the guidance of one of the most ancient archetypes of the Goddess has lasted through so many cultures from ancient Sumeria, ancient Egypt as some scholars believe that she really is Isis as well. That they are in fact one and the same. No wonder Isis was and is still known as the Goddess of 1000 names. Then Hekate was revered totally in ancient Greece and then Ancient Rome and her "cult' one could say has always been a part of nearly every culture in one form or another.

So there you have it. I am a devotee of Hekate and this is yet another experience that has changed my perceptions of reality right down to the core of my bones. I've also found that I am "clairsentient" as well as I sense disincarnate spirits when they are around and I feel their feelings. I've occasionally seen spirits and other paranormal phenomena in my life. Like this year I helped a soul from the late 1900's back to the light after much kinetic and activity too. My mind is full of so many things to write about but I know that I can't right now. However I will write about that and many other experiences in other blog posts as its nearly 4am here and I have to be up relatively early tomorrow

I will be blogging regularly now and I'm aiming for one blog a week. That's my goal to discipline myself to do so for Hekate and myself. 

Also Happy Yule to those of you in the Northern Hemisphere and Happy Litha for those of you living in the Southern Hemisphere like me. As well as enjoying Xmas with your families and it's when we show tolerance and acceptance of other's religious beliefs and pathways, then it helps other's realise that Witches, Pagan's, Mages and Occultists don't have two heads and that deep inside we are all from the same family........the human family! Also when we're cut we all bleed the same colour - red!
Seasons Greetings to you all.

Blessed Be.