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I'm now of Crone age & am happily married to my soulmate, have 2 adult children and 4 beautiful little grandchildren and our "fur baby" 13 yr old English cockerspaniel whom all our family adore. We live on the cliffs by the sea overlooking the ocean. The air here is always full of so much Prana (lifeforce). 
I am a Full Time Witch who practices the "Craft of the Wise" every single day in many different ways. That's when I'm not playing with my wonderful grandkids on the beach or somewhere. 

Nature is my Church! The Beach is my Sacred Space. I love to read tarot for others. I also use other forms of divination. Such as working with spirits, daemons and the angels themselves. As well as working with my Matron Goddess whom has helped me in so many different pathworkings. I also love to write, a lot. Lol Not only blogging. Lol I am a total Bibliophile and have studied all things Occult as well as also experiencing & studying all the worlds major religions and belief systems. 

Everything from all the Abrahamic Faiths to Shamanism in early tribal societies. My greatest influences from the Occult world are the late great Austin Osman Spare, Aleister Crowley, Dion Fortune, Madame Blavatsky & Mathers. Newer Occultists/Mages or Witches are Christopher Penszak, Kostantinos, Sorceress Cagliastro, Lori Bruno, Lady Hecate, Michael Ford, Terrence McKenna, Julian Vayne, Asenath Mason and Phil Hine amongst so many great occult authors over the ages. 

Sorry that I'm no longer doing spellwork or tarot readings for others now as I'm having a hip replacement and need to focus on my recovery. If your interested in reading about my soon to be painful journey to learn to walk again etc? My blog is: https//:journeyhavingahipreplacementatonly54.blogspot.com.au 
This will be my focus from the 25/01/2018 until I'm back to a somewhat normal life. 

Thank you so much for stopping by to read my profile. May you live a totally magickal life! 
Blessed Be & Namaste,
Cazangelcat *Bohemian Wytch*⭐️❤️🌙

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Experience under the Full Moon!!!

On Sunday the 20th March, 2011, I decided to do a Full Moon ritual. I did a fairly simple one from "Scott Cunningham's", Book of Shadows. Which is from his first book, "Solitary Wicca". It's not too heavy and was just what I needed this particular night. Nothing too complicated or fussy.

Whilst I was outside, inside my circle, I noticed an unusual breeze that was coming from the opposite direction that usual. As we live by the sea, it is usually always a "sea breeze" from the west. This breeze was from the east, and the tree's branches were swaying quite noticeably. I felt a cold shiver come over me. I felt the presence of Hecate, the wise crone. This was after I had been chanting for some time, over and over.

As I had been through quite a few personal problems previously, she communicated to me telepathically, "everything that you are worrying about will come to pass, and it won't be long. Enjoy your life and live it as well as you can. Your body shall be up to the trip you are undertaking".

This was a revelation to me, as I have suffered from ill health for quite some time now and it is also unreliable. I had also been worrying a lot about the wellbeing of a family member. Who is now fine. The fact that Hecate also mentioned that "my body shall be up to the trip I am undertaking", was and/is a huge relief to me! As in a month or so we are planning to go oversea's for a short time and my husband and I have been worried about how my health would cope with the trip.

After hearing, feeling and seeing Hecate in my mind, I now feel so much better. She appeared as a beautiful women who looked only about 60, with long silver white hair, holding a "stang" or a "staff" to others. She had a skull in one hand, and at the end of her willow stang, was a huge round quartz crystal. It was the brightest I have ever seen. Hecate is truly gracious and powerful, but she does not suffer fools gladly. I have found this out when working with her.

When working with Hecate or any of the "Crone Goddesses", one needs to be very particular about what you are doing at the time. I don't mean trivial things like not having the exact incense needed and you have had to use another. But I mean that your concentration, chanting and raising of power, must be at the highest level, to fulfil our obligation's to Hecate. She is wise but truly loving. She has seen it all and understands our mortal suffering more than most. I enjoy working with her energy.

I thanked her for her presence in my circle and thanked her for her wisdom, guidance and caring. She then slowly disappeared, and so did the breeze with her. My candle went out too (for fire) at the same time. Hecate likes to make an entrance and leave a dramatic impression too. She has quite a sense of humour. LOL

I then finished my ritual by having my cake and wine. I then gave thanks to the God and the Goddess, the elements. Which are earth, air, fire, water and of course spirit. I then went round and opened my circle to end this ritual.

As it was such a beautiful night, although it is autumn here in south Australia. I stayed up for quite awhile and sat on an outdoor lounge with a blanket wrapped around me, looking up at "La Luna", the moon, and taking in all her beauty, majesty and energy.

I then decided to go inside and get my camera. I took a few beautiful pictures of the moon against my tree, using my flash. The strange thing though, was when I used the camera on my mobile phone, it looked as if there were "orbs" out there in the same place. I took a couple of black and white photo's as well as the colour one's and they looked unusual too, like orbs again. Very strange I thought? After all the camera took clear photo's and not the phone. My mobile phone is not that old either and usually takes great photos. So I found that very interesting.

I didn't do any spells that night, as I felt happy with life and how things are going now. I don't like to do spells unless there is a desperate need to do so. The Universe does not reward those who ask for things out of "greed", only "need".

I had done a money spell a couple of months previously, when things were quite tough for us. It was quite a basic spell, which I wrote myself, incorporating a green candle, incense, crystals and lots of chanting and raising or power. Within one day it worked! I was stunned. As that very afternoon after I had cast the spell, my husband finally sold one of our major assets. We had been trying to sell it for awhile and along came the right people.

Not only did they buy it, but we have also become good friends. I couldn't have planned it better myself. I believe that everything in life happens for a reason. Even the "bad stuff" that we don't like. Trust me too, I know what it's like to suffer as I have had various serious illnesses over the years.

I like to write now and am currently writing a novel, as I can no longer work as a youth worker, due to injuries incurred on the job.

Whilst you are here on my blog, check out the great wiccan/witch books that I recommend. These are books that I mostly own and other's I have borrowed. I can especially recommend "Scott Cunningham's" guide to Solitary Wicca and Living Wicca, are both incredibly informative for the beginner without being patronising. In the first book he shares part of his own Book of Shadows. In the second he encourages even the new wiccan/witch to write their own spells. Which is great! As alot of people that are new to the Craft, copy other's spell's slavishly. I find that often the best spells are the one's that I have created myself. Or are a conglomeration of other's spells and my own idea's too.

The wiccan statues, candles, and jewellery below are lovely too and I will be adding to these regularly. So if you like anything on my page, check it out and maybe treat yourself. Go on, you know you want to!

Blessed Be